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Team OSP:

Off-Season Strength and Conditioning

Team PIP:

In-Season Strength and Conditioning

Adolescent Teen Injury Prevention Injury Risk Reduction

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Team IRR:
Injury Risk Reduction

Individual PRF:
Post-Rehab Fitness Programs

Performance Elite:
Next Level Individual Sports Performance​

CANYON PERFORMAnce Training featuring All-AGE PErformance Training Creator and public speaker Coach Tom Dueber

CANYON PERFORMANCE TRAINING • 2030 Ionosphere St Unit C-2  LONGMONT, CO 80504  • PHONE: (720) 378-8616. CONTACT US:  info@canyonperformance.com

All-Age Performance Training Coach Tom Dueber Public Speaker

Canyon Performance Training offers the only evidence-based, All-Age Performance Training System™ in Colorado combining all elements of Integrated Sports Performance and Injury Risk Reduction for boys and girls of all ages for powerful, optimal performance!

Public Speaking:
Coach Tom is an experienced public speaker and will show your organization how to optimize it's sports performance program.

All-Age Performance Training Groups forming for:

  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey

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