Q: My 12 year-old son plays competitive basketball.  He is a skilled basketball player, but the other kids are starting to get bigger and faster and I can see his confidence slipping.  What can you do to help?

A: All-Age Performance Training takes a systematic approach by allowing athletes to master exercises and activities before adding new challenges.  The small victories combined with an increase in athletic ability will increase his confidence and give him the ability to back it up.


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All-Age Performance Training Groups forming for:

  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey

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All-Age Performance Training Coach Tom Dueber Public Speaker

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You want your daughter to play with confidence.  You want your son to love his sport as much as you loved yours.  You want her to have an impact on the game.  You wish you had a program like this when you were younger.  When you start your son or daughter in All-Age Performance Training you give them a step-by-step system for improving confidence, gaining athletic ability and making an impact on their sport.  Boy or girl, just starting out or an experienced athlete, the All-Age Performance Training System™ is a scalable roadmap for gaining athletic success.  

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"I was a two-sport athlete and the All-Age Performance Training programs trained me for both sports giving me overall confidence and strength.  Coach Tom really worked with me in developing explosive strength in my lower body."

-Amanda Kowalski, High School  and Club Soccer and Softball

"Coach Tom's program will make you better, both physically and mentally.  The workouts strengthen your body, but how you persevere in the workouts strengthens your mind.  You will feel unstoppable. "

-Hope Borger, Mead High School Volleyball