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All-Age Performance Training Coach Tom Dueber Public Speaker

Designing and implementing an appropriate and effective off-season All-Age Performance Training Program.

When should a young athlete start a resistance training program and what should it look like?

Changes your team or club can make right now to increase athlete performance and safety.

The 10 simple things every athlete can do to help prevent common sports injuries.

Tom Dueber is a veteran public speaker since 2001.  He has presented in front of groups as small as 8 or 10 and large groups numbering in the 100's.  Tom brings his youth coaching energy and years of knowledge to every group and event presenting relevant, up-to-date, audience-specific information.  Contact Tom to schedule an engagement on any of the following topics.

Here is sample of a sports injury prevention workshop Tom did with St Vrain FC soccer club.

On-field/ court, in-season All-Age Performance Training.

Why most resistance training programs increase injury risk and how to fix it while increasing performance.

invite Coach Tom Dueber, Developer of the All-Age performance training system™, to speak to your team or organization

How to effectively periodize a sports performance program for All-Age Training Programs.

Reduce sports related injury by up to 50%.





All-Age Performance Training Groups forming for:

  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey

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