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  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey

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"I was a two-sport athlete and the All-Age Performance Training programs trained me for both sports giving me overall confidence and strength.  Coach Tom really worked with me in developing explosive strength in my lower body."
-Amanda Kowalski, High School  and Club Soccer and Softball

"All-Age Performance Training makes you better, not only as an athlete but also as a person.  Coach Tom teaches you to push yourself to your limits, and make yourself better.
-Brenley Bruxvoort, Mead High School Volleyball​

"I really benefited from the box jumps, weighted Squats, anything with a BOSU or medicine ball.  Outside the sprints and shuffling were some exercises that really benefited me and my athletic ability
-Emily Stewart, Mead High School Volleyball

"I have an older son who was basically let loose in his high school gym, has created some muscle imbalances and struggled with injury during the soccer season.  Coach Tom taught Sydney proper technique and she has not had the injuries.  Also, she really enjoys the workouts and challenges and has fun!
-Darylee Lee, Mother of Sydney Lee, St. Vrain Soccer U17

"The strength my daughter has gained through All-Age Performance Training has translated directly to the soccer pitch.  Elliana knows what she needs to know in a gym now and she will be able to use that for life.
-Amy Miller, Competitive  Soccer Coach St. Vrain FC & Mother to Elliana, U18 Competitive Soccer.

"The difference between my high-school program and the All-Age Performance Training is I learned the right technique and there is more of a purpose to what we are doing.  I have gotten stronger and my feet have definitely gotten faster.
-Sydney Lee, St. Vrain Soccer U17

“Tom Dueber of Canyon Performance Training joined my coaching staff during the summer training season.  We needed strength, agility, proprioception, and that’s exactly what we received. By the end of the summer, my athletes were moving more efficiently on the court, jumping higher, and became more confident on and off the court. By the time the season started, my athletes had a distinct advantage over our competitors and we were injury free."
- Abby Hicks, Head Volleyball Coach, Erie High School​





"I reached out to Tom because my son wanted to stay fit and active while recovering from a cornea transplant. Tom designed a program that fit the strict limitations and helped him through his recovery.  After he healed, he began to train regularly with Tom and now working with Tom has become a priority for my son both mentally and physically. His strength and agility have improved dramatically and he has been able to continue to play varsity high school sports."
-Caroline Allen, Mother of Nathaniel Allen, Tennis, Skyline High School '17​

"My son started working with Coach Tom at Canyon Performance Training  after recovering from Injuries.  Tom helped my son not only recover the fitness he lost , but improve to a point  where he gained confidence, strength and enhanced agility.  Coach Tom is a wonderful resource."
-Tracy Pheneger, Mom to two soccer players​

"I have gotten stronger in my upper and lower body and have improved my balance tremendously.  Coach Tom Dueber doesn't just do this by bench press and squatting like you could get in any high school gym class... he brings a variety of techniques and types of lifting.  I improved my position on the tennis team from 2 singles to the number 1 singles. Coach Tom is a professional in every way."
-Nathaniel Allen, High School Tennis Player

"Attend the All-Age Performance Training Programs because is is very helpful physically and mentally. It pushed my to my limits and I got better."
- Victoria Thorne, Mead High School Volleyball

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"Even though some things are really hard, Coach Tom makes it fun!  At my high school they didn't teach us the right mechanics.  It is nice to know you are doing the right thing and doing stuff you want to get better at."
-Elliana Miller, St. Vrain Soccer U17

"I am not a conditioning guy. Coach Tom helped me develop a program we could do on-field that incorporated strength, speed, agility, fitness and injury prevention. We avoided major injuries so my starters could be on the field the entire season.”
- Mike DiGiallnardo, Head Boys and GIrls Soccer Coach, Longmont High School

“Working with Tom at Canyon Performance Training has helped me improve my performance in my sport . I'm achieving my goals and keeping up with my teammates (all boys).”
- Teagan Johnson-Moore, Junior  National Kayak Team​

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"I entrusted both of my kids with Coach Tom Dueber from middle school all the way through high-school.  Using the All-Age Performance Training System he developed sports specific training programs which really helped them achieve their goals while preventing injury.  I have seen the results on and off the court and field."
-Stacy B, Parent of High School Volleyball Player and High School Football Player

" I have been training with Coach Tom Dueber since 2012 and have nothing but good things to say about the All-Age Performance Training System.  Since I started working with Coach Tom I have made vast improvements in 3 areas: My overall body strength, my fitness, and injury prevention.  Coach Tom has taught me the process it takes to win and succeed."
- JP Hallmark, Developmental  Academy (DA/ ECNL) U19 Soccer Player​

"Coach Tom's program will make you better, both physically and mentally.  The workouts strengthen your body, but how you persevere in the workouts strengthens your mind.  You will feel unstoppable. "
-Hope Borger, Mead High School Volleyball

"We focused on preventing injuries, speed, strength, and agility.  Working out with Coach Tom Dueber and Canyon Performance Training was one of the greatest experiences of my life."
- Sarah Calhoun, NCAA Soccer Player